Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hard to say goodbye

This morning Mandi left San Nicolas and is on her way to Buenos Aires to spend the day shopping. The team is waiting for their 9:00 pm flight out of Buenos Aires to Atlanta.  She arrives in Atlanta at 6:00am and will have a short layover before her flight to Salt Lake City and then finally Redmond!! She arrives tomorrow afternoon @1:00 pm.  She posted this on facebook......

"I may be going home but my heart stays at the Hogar. I am literally in tears as I say goodbye . I pray to come back in January"

Please be praying for the team. For safe traveling, and for the  heaviness  they feel as they leave a place and people they have gotten attached to.
In Him, Kristin

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rosario and God's plan

Today was wonderful, at about 1 we picked up the kids and headed to Rosario ! First, we went to the 9 th of July monument(their independence day). Next ,we went to the street vendors!!! Last, we went bowling!!! I had some great conversations with the kids today and realized God works in amazing ways! I miss you all so much!!!

Praying for Mandi!

It's  early, around 4:30 in the morning. Something woke me up besides my alarm for bootcamp. This is Saturday and I am suppose to be sleeping in. It is 8:30 in Argentina and Mandi is up and starting her day. I have felt this overwhelming need to pray for her and the team. I pray often for her throughout the day. Every time I think of her I pray, but I haven't felt this urgent need like I do now.

So I am praying! I wish I knew more specifically what to pray for, but I know generally how to pray - for safety, health, communication with kids, that she won't be too homesick, for the love of Jesus to shine through them, and much more.

Thursday Michael got a chance to talk to Mandi on the phone. She was doing good but was starting to miss family and friends. Then yesterday morning she reported on fb that she was coming down with a cold.

This is all I know for now. It has been awhile since anyone has chatted on fb with her or since she has updated her blog. I assume by the time she gets to the hotel at night she is very tired and needs to sleep instead of post. I am thankful for the few times that I have had contact from her over the last 10 days. When I was on my mission trip to Thailand over 20 years ago there was no contact with home except for mail which took 3 weeks! Imagine how my parents felt!

In a few days we will see her and all the blanks, or at least most of them will be filled in.
For now, keep praying!

God Bless, Kristin

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures from Argentina!!

Hi everyone, the past few days have been wonderful! Todays activities included staining several dressers, hanging with the kids, a little shopping, and dinner with the staff in Rosario! As for me I am feeling great, although very tired!!! Post more tomorrow !!!=)

-Mandi Kuhlman

Phone Call From Mandi!

Hi all! I thought I should post my phone call from Mandi.

Sunday night, I just happen to be at Mandi's friend's house. While there, her friend Rachelle, was on facebook. She called me over and told me that Mandi was online and chatting! A mother's dream!! This was the first opportunity since she left to actually carry on a short conversation and get some information from her. Just as we were closing up our conversation (after all it was one something in the morning there) I asked her when she thought she could find a phone to call me. Happily, she said that she would try to call sometime on Monday but wasn't sure what time.

Hip Hip Hooray!! I was so thrilled and determined to have my cell phone on me at all times through out the day.

Monday I thought about that phone call all morning and knew in the back of my mind that there was possibility that it may not happen. There is no telling what change of plans the team may have and if Mandi could actually get to one of those phone booths to call.

I had my phone with me all morning and the one time I left it for 30 seconds, Mandi called. When I saw that I missed a call and looked at the number, my heart dropped at the sight of the long number that didn't look recognizable. Sure enough it was Mandi, and I missed her. Just as I started listening to her message my phone rang again. It was Mandi trying me one more time. Thanks you Lord for prompting her to call once more!!

I had about a five min. conversation with her. It greatly surpassed chatting on facebook because I could here her sweet voice. A voice tells a lot about how people are doing. She sounded terrific, so happy and excited!! I asked her probably too many questions. She was gracious and answered them all.

She says that she loves it there and the culture is so different but amazing. The weather has been chilly but she was prepared enough for that. Yesterday it was raining there. They have some work projects that they want to get done at the Children's Home but are waiting for better weather. Today or tomorrow, I can't remember, they are taking some of the older children to a city called Rosario. It is the second largest city in Argentina and is about a two hour drive from San Nicolas. They will take them out to dinner, to a shopping mall and just basically show them a wonderful time.

Mandi has been spending most of her time with the infants up to 12 years old. She says that they are the kids that are most receptive to her. She said that at first the kids her age thought she was 18 and they didn't hang out with her. Then they found out she was there age and warmed up a bit more. Some connections have been faster than others.

Well, I think that this is all the info that I got from her. The rest of the phone call I was telling her how I miss her and to please come back. She laughed!! She said that she loves it there and she loves the kids and wants to come back. This could become a yearly thing! I believe that God has been wiring her heart for overseas missions for a few years now. I am preparing myself for the future and what wonderful plans God has in store for her where ever they may be.

So there you you have it, a long post from Mandi's mom! As you can tell I miss her greatly and this phone call did wonders for me. Please keep praying for Mandi and the team. Some of the team members are not feeling so well. Mandi says she feels wonderful!

Maybe the next post will be from Mandi herself. She does have access to a computer. She said it's all about time there. They are busy all day long and get back to the hotel very late.

God Bless, Kristin

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am here!!!!

Hola! My first full day here and I m loving it!! The kids are extremely sweet and the customs are so different and friendly. I am loving the country and have fallin in love with the kids! My flights here were smooth and without flaw ,God has really provided!! Communication is not as hard as I thought it would be and the little spanish I already knew has come back to me! Miss you all!!!
God Bless,
Mandi =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

"It's Amazing"

Yesterday was a long day for Mandi and the team. She made a couple stops and lay overs- Salt Lake City for 3 hours and then in Atlanta for a a couple hours. They met up with a couple people who were going with them in Atlanta. Claudia grew up in Argentina and lived in the Sunrise Children's Home until she was adopted when she was older by one of our Elders and his wife. She is bringing along a friend.

I talked briefly with Mandi just before she boarded the plane for Argentina. She sounded wonderful and was excited to take off.  This was her longest flight, about 11 hours. She left about 5:30 pm our time and arrived around 4:00 in the morning (8:00am Argentina time). Argentina is 4 hours ahead of us.

I texted her around 7:00 this morning and patiently waited until I finally got word back at 10:30. She says they arrived safely and everyone is doing great. Her words exactly -" It's amazing!"

The few lines of her text put my nerves at ease. I don't know if she slept on the plane or what they are doing today but she did say that when she has a chance to post on the blog at the hotel computer she will.

Please continue to pray for Mandi, the team, the children at Sunrise and for God's plan for this mission trip!

Thanks for your prayer support,


Argentina Mission trip dedication at the service in the park

Mandi at the Dedication